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Even if you were treated badly, suffer from low self-esteem, or struggle with social anxiety,


So that you can stop HATING yourself, SHUT the annoying voice that constantly says “what others will think” and DESERVE to ASK for MORE than you’ve ever demanded,

Without trying to achieve things outside your controls or unrealistic expectations set by others.

in 6 weeks or less with a groundbreaking psychospiritual technique.

This NEVER to be REPEATED DEAL will go away in ...








are you …

Struggle with Low SELF WORTH

You feel like you are not worth it, because men and ex-partners repeatedly told you, You’re Nothing and Not Good Enough.

Constantly Afraid of meeting NEW People

because they may think that “something is wrong with you“, to the point that you can’t even be present with this person or acting overly nice (and accidentaly exposed your low self worth).

HATE every aspect of yourself

Body dysmorphic, low self esteem, low self worth, therapists dropped you, feeling fake, friends leaving you, question if what you’re doing is correct, allow others to be mean to you, acting arrogant, feeling inferior, and the list goes on.

Neglecting and not considering yourself (and your needs and desires)

You put others’ needs before your own which makes you suffer needlessly to prove that you care about people. Like, you would decide to do things that weren’t asked for, weren’t necessary, didn’t serve a purpose, but had a cost to you. You are essentially martyring yourself to compensate for a complete lack of self worth.

I feel you!


Most people are not COURAGEOUSLY living a life true to themselves and hiding behind the shadows enforced by society which make them to…

  • Lie to themselves by saying YES when their heart says NO.
  • Fabricate excuses for tolerating others’ unacceptable behaviors.
  • Deny their own needs and desires to please others.
  • Give their power away to earn love and acceptance.
  • Chase perfection in return to receive others’ validation of their worthiness.
  • Second guess their decisions and doubt their intuitive guidance.
  • Settle in an unsupported, disrepectful, unlovingtoxic, and abusive relationship.

You cannot afford to wait! You have been waiting for your entire life for this moment. So, how many more years are you willing to wait for your life to get better?

Deep inside you, there is a growing eagerness to live a more meaningful life, to be loved and accepted as who you are, and to deepen your spirituality. Because you are done with playing small, limiting yourself from realizing your unique potentials, and prioritizing others. You are ready to unapologetically claim your rightful space in this world – to be loved, respected, supported, and rewarded as who you are. 


I’m Yuliana

I should have been a good and timid housewife who has an apron around her waist all day long and run around serving her family. Because I was brought up to make my parents proud by climbing the corporate ladder and marrying a man with money and social status.

As a Chinese who was born and grew up in a tiny village in Indonesia, I ticked all the boxes to win the minority trifecta, Chinese, Catholic, and Women. I was programmed by society and conditioned in childhood to be a GOOD GIRL by conforming to others’ expectations. I was living in constant fear of others’ validation that I am good enough.

Those childhood conditions were the main source of my worthless feeling. I was fearful to be rejected and unloved once again. Despite I achieved so much, like:

  • At 18yrs of age, I flew on my own to Australia on a student visa, working two jobs to graduate with a Bachelor degree and CPA.
  • At 27 years of age, I managed a $450M business and got paid a six-figure income.
  • I then left my job with a deep desire to start my own business, resulting in earning $20,000 a week revenue on eBay within 3 months of launching.

I’ve struggled to acknowledge myself as being good enough. I couldn’t ask for what I knew I deserved. My past relationships served repeated old stories and self-destructive skills like over-giving and people-pleasing.

I poured everything I had into helping my ex-partners to realize the potentials I saw in them. And even though I was never told by a guy that I wasn’t good enough. Their lack of commitment, emotional availability, and respect was enough to validate that I was nothing in their eyes.

So I dedicated the past 6 years to extensively researching psychological theories and spiritual teachings, I finally had a breakthrough. I found a love of my life, a man who is supportive, loving, caring and respectful! I also thrive in my business because I value myself.

So… if you’d like to experience the same kind of results as me or like Nura, Millie, or Rose … Grab your spot at Self Love mad easy masterclass.

For the action takers like you,

a life changing transformation can happen in just 6 hours over 6 weeks,

because of your decision tO:

  • Learn your programming and conditioning, including their impacts on your life shall put an end to self-rejection, self-destructive, and self-sabotage patterns.
  • Reveal your wounded inner child and shadows and heal those wounds shall restore your wholeness which will lead to quality improvement of your intimate relationships with yourself and others through newfound love, respect, and acceptance.
  • Be courageous in discerning your truths and pursue your desires shall materialize all your wishes and desires so that you finally can live life on your own terms – your long-forgotten deepest desire.

Imagine how different your life would be when your ego ceases to be your WORTST ENEMY, and instead, become your GREATEST ALLY in realizing your greatest potentials and materialize your wishes. It will END your WORRIES, SELF HATRED, TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS, and SELF-DESTRUCTIVE patterns of behavior. You wake up every morning feeling confident with full vitality to accomplish your crystal clear goals. There is an inner knowing of clear direction and amplified intuitive guidance that aligns all of your intentions and actions with your soul’s purposes. You feel safe, secured, and fully supported by the universe. 

As you look at yourself in the mirror, you will feel IMMENSE LOVE FOR YOURSELF. The lines in your face and cellulite in your thighs no longer concern you. You stop chasing perfection and others’ validation. Instead, you discern, accept, and embrace the truths. You only care for the two most important things; you are matter to yourself and you are successful in doing what you passionately about.



You are only 4 steps away from stopping the suffocation in a cloud of judgment, being tossed around as the token minority or one-sided relationships, and habitually fulfilling other people’s needs first.

Step 1 – Unlearn Your Limiting Conditions

Get clear on the primary conditioning factors and your soul lessons in this life journey that have been holding you back from living life on your own terms. These factors also limit you from actualizing your highest potential, hence by excavating these insights, you shall find the hidden opportunities to unleash your inner power to manifest your desired life experiences. At this beginning of a life-transforming journey, we will focus on:

  • The environment where you grew up creates the conditions for your becoming process and development of your belief system. Being conscious of this knowledge is the first step in overcoming self-rejection, self-sabotage, and self-destructive mechanism.
  • Exposing the underlying motives of information which predominantly teach us to reject ourselves as being not good enough. The media, marketing, and movies are informative mediums that encourage us in striving for perfection by fitting into society’s idealized models. Hence we seek others’ validation of our worthiness. Without raising our awareness of this, we cannot put an end to our self-rejection patterns. 

Step 3 – Unleash Your Power to live Boldly on your own terms. 

A new reality and life experience suited to your terms can only be designed and built upon an internal paradigm shift. As Albert Einstein once said, “we cannot solve the problems with the same mind that created them.” To transform, therefore, we must first deny our current identities and beliefs about who we are, regardless of our resistance. Therefroe on the next step, we will learn to:

  • Be vulnerable with ourselves and others so we can develop a relationship that is based on mutual partnership, trust, and respect. 
  • Be able to ask and receive help when you need to without having to feel guilty or fearful of being rejected by learning how to accept and love yourself as who you are.
  • Identify the underlying issue of self-worthiness, shame, and guilt. And how to overcome self-loathing through forgiveness and letting go so that it is no longer preventing you from living the life that you deserve
  • Learn how to make conscious choices and commitments to your romantic relationship and have the right balance between closeness and separateness. This is the pathway to have a meaningful, loving, and supportive relationship. 


Step 2 – Uncover Your True Self

Unbecoming is the revelation of your authentic loving being who was once rejected out of shame and belief of ‘not being good enough to live up to others’ expectations. Like a lotus flower that can only blossom above the murky water, our true self can only show our greatness if we shed the unfitting masks which we put on to conform with others’ expectations. On this step, we are discovering: 

  • Your self-imposed glass ceiling and the role that awakening plays in breaking through this. Through clearing negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions which are the biggest consumers and occupants of your mind, you shall increase your energy level and create the space for the more important and meaningful stuff.
  • How to differentiate between fulfilling your own needs vs meeting other’s expectations. When you spend time and energy to meet other’s expectations or people-pleasing, you create self-imposed commitments and unnecessary stress on yourself.
  • How to debunk the myths around self-love and how the majority of women confuse between self-care and self-love. True self-love requires courage to challenge and transform our current self-beliefs.

Step 4 – Celebrating the New You

It’s time to celebrate all of your hard work and accomplishments over the past 20 days’ journey. On this last step of the unbecoming journey, I will guide you to:

  • Create your new Life Roadmap that aligns with your commitment and desire by using a 4 steps process to manage your time and energy for career, self, social, and family.
  • Instill a positive daily habit such as future journaling and visualization process so that you can achieve more without doing more. This exercise is part of the immersion process that helps you to leverage a greater power that is available to you.




    Bonus #1 – Restore Your Inner Child Relationship, value of $500

    90 minutes Live Healing and Coaching Session with me to meet your wounded inner child. So that you can heal from childhood wounds that caused you to feel Inferior, Unlovable, Self-loathing and negative self-image. Your wounded inner child is the main reason why you reject love and attract a toxic relationship or bad guys (emotionally unavailable men are included). 

    This intergenerational trauma doesn’t START with you, but you have the power to END it. By rekindling your relationship with your inner child, you reclaim your power to create a life experience based on your wishes! Because you are no longer living based on avoidance of getting hurt, rejected, or abandoned once again. 


    Bonus #3 – Supportive and nurturing safe space for 7 weeks, value of $700 


    Get weekly Live Small Group coaching sessions with me to Anwer Your Questions & Unlimited Group Support for 7 weeks. Look, I get it – chage is scary. Because, a true change requires you to confront your current self-belief about who you are! You need to feel safe, empowered, and encouraged to keep taking actions. That’s what this group is about!




      Bonus #2 – Roadmap to create an amazing life, value of $300

      Have you ever looked at the time and thought to yourself, “where did the time go?” You got swift by different tasks, commitments, or other people’s agendas, then you realized time flew. Days turn into weeks, which turn into months, and the new year is around the corner again. This is what happened when you don’t live intentionally.  

       If you want to stop feeling dumbfounded by your life experience as you make a welcoming toast to the new year, you will need a roadmap. A life on your own terms requires a plan and action based on your intentions. Only through intention, you can direct your energy and focus so that it can manifest into a reality.  Create your new Life Roadmap personally designed to align with your commitment and desire by using a 4 steps process to manage your time and energy for career, self, social, and family. 

        TOTAL VALUE OF OF $2,700


        This NEVER to be REPEATED DEAL will go away in ...









        Will this work for me?


        This transformation journey is designed to set you up for success because it is not a self-help course where you will be left alone to figure everything all out. A transformation course is never one size fits all; we have our special needs. And you need a support group and safety net to encourage you to move along the journey. Because there will be days when you feel challenged or triggered, then you feel like giving up. This is also the primary reason for your lack of past success, the avoidance of pain. You walk away with excuses like I don’t have time or energy to do it. Or simply telling yourself that this is not working out.

        Yet, those are the critical moments, your breakthrough period. These are the moments when you need a mentor to believe in your abilities more than your own beliefs so that you stay on the course. The success of any program depends on your willingness to do the work, keep moving forward, and having an open mind about the possibilities. Just like the saying, ‘you can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink it.

        Why should I buy from you?

        Apart from my credentials and passion for making an impact on each one of my clients, I developed and practiced this process myself. My life story and clients’ stories are the testaments to what awaits you on the other side. I believe your success is my success, and my life’s mission to make an impact on 500,000 women by the end of 2022. Without your accomplishment, I will never achieve my bold mission.

        Most importantly, there is never a coincidence in this world. You are here right now, reading this for an important reason. Your soul is calling for your growth and expansion, and whenever a student is ready, the teacher will appear. This journey is your tipping point, you are ready to reclaim your power to create a life experience that is better suited to your soul. And it’s starting by increasing your values so that you can show up in your most authentic self. Otherwise, you will never experience living in abundance – your birthright.

        What if I don’t have enough time and/or money to invest in this?

        I understand that we all have our commitments and priorities in life and we allocate our life resources – time, energy, and money accordingly. But do you think it’s a wise decision to wait until your current state of circumstances to be perfect before you are willing to improve it? As Albert Einstein once said, “we cannot solve the problems with the same mind that created them. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

        Your first step of transformation begins when you dispel the common limiting belief that we are the victim of our external conditions. And we can only change our lives when we have the resources to do so. Instead, your beliefs create your life experiences. Because you are the generator of everything which you wish to receive. You cannot harvest good quality fruit from a rotten tree. By investing in yourself, you are improving the quality of your tree so that you can harvest a high quality of fruits.

        The choice you have to make really is whether you are willing to improve your current situation or be weighed down by ifs, buts, and maybe when everyone else around you has moved on. I made this deal to be super affordable, $6.47 a day, less than a meal cost. Your investment of $272 on yourself will return many folds.

        But the real question that you need to ask yourself is what will be the cost of not taking action for you?

        How does it serve you to living life like this day for another day, week, month, year, or decade?

        I am sure the cost of DO NOTHING will be 5x, or 10x of your investment … maybe even much more

        How does this program differ from others? I bought another program like this but never got any results.

        I know that you’ve been wrong and get disappointed before. It is natural to have doubt and fears after being let down in the past. But I am here to tell you that I am proud of myself for bringing the best out of everyone I worked with and I want the same for you. You have what it takes to succeed and reach the finish line. We were born with equal potentials to fulfill our life purposes.

        The best question to ask yourself is…

        • What exact outcomes are you looking for that would make this worth the investment?
        • What would make you call it the best investment of your life?

        Because underneath those questions are the reflection of your probable low self-appreciation and not good enough limiting belief. And whilst you are holding onto those, you will always fall short of your own expectations.

        Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

        The question is, why do you need one? It’s either you don’t trust me, or you don’t trust yourself. (If you don’t know me well enough to know the commitment to quality content and training that we have in all our products and programs, then this training is probably not for you.)

        I know my system works and yes, there is certainly 5 days period for you to decide if you wish to continue. However, I encourage you to reflect on your need to have an exit plan. Your success immensely depends on your level of commitment, like a dive in with an absolute will-do mindset. That means you need to be fully in, not just dipping the toes. The higher your level of commitment, the greater your result would be.

        Without having this mindset, nothing else will matter as you will continue looking for excuses why this or any other program won’t work. I want to leave you with a magic question, ‘are you planning to escape before you even step in just in case if you need to avoid certain feelings, pain, or fears?’ Remember, how we do one thing is how we do everything. This self-sabotage pattern is the exact reason why your growth is stalled.

        If there are any other questions or concerns that I have not covered yet, feel free to hit reply to this email.

        BUT … you do need to ACT NOW to get the bonuses and special pricing today!

        And I don’t want you to miss out and regret NOT taking ACTION.

        You’re just a moment away from having to “love and accept yourself as you are!”

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