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I love the book. It’s good writing. The idea of Unbecoming You is brilliant. Uncover, Unlearn, and Unleash is a very good little model. We are in the stage of development where people need to do deeper work and this is deep work. I applaud your courage for writing this work and inviting people to go there.

Jack Canfield, Author International Best Selling Chicken Soup For The Soul Series.









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Behind the scenes book review by Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul Series.

The author has a far-ranging, clear intellect and is particularly able to share with readers what other, well-respected, knowledgeable writers and authoritative voices have concluded about women’s psychological impasse. The impressive volume covers a lot of territory, being a sort of do-it-at-home psychotherapy in a slender volume. This, the author’s memoir and how she herself suffered and then overcame early programming, is a down-to-earth spiritual instruction kit. Starting life checking off all the boxes for being a minority and treated as such by both family and others, Yuliana Francie learned to love herself and have it her way, becoming personally successful and a mentor to other women and a strong women’s rights advocate.

Judge, 30th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Real People Real Result, here is their journey:

Finally learn how to PERMANENTLY release years of judgment as worthless and not good enough!

Brand New Book Reveals… 

  • How to stop living in fear of getting exposed as a fraud or failure, second guessing yourself, shoving down your voice, and hiding away from the world, so that you can fearlessly and unapologetically take your rightful place in the world with love and light of your full being and live a life that is true to you.
  • Find the confidence to receive love, be yourself, speak your truth, and allow yourself to be truly visible. When you show up this way, you attract new and balanced friendships and relationship that align with and support your highest mission in life alongside becoming the best version of yourself.
  • Discover the secret of attracting love and acceptance without having to work hard, including how to use this technique even if you’ve struggled with shame and guilt for not loving and valuing yourself first, validating your needs, or being wrong (thoughts, ideas, beliefs, words, ways of being and seeing the world… list of wrong is endless). Once you discover this approach, you’ll never again feel unsupported, sucked dry, or abandoned.
  • PLUS: find out what it REALLY means (and what to do) when you lost confidence in making the right decision, feeling low self worth, doubts your gifts and start to shrink and mould yourself to meet others’ expectations because perfectionism, comparison, and competition often takes the reins.
  • And much MUCH more … 

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