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Book - Yuliana Francie








I shall walk in the humility of my grief,

For the only true freedom in life is healing.
Acceptance of the ruptured part of me,
To love and be loved unconditionally.
The greatest blessing anyone can ever wish for,
One that I am yearning for forevermore.

Note to the



Each one of us is constantly longing for love. the urge feels like needing the water to quench our thirst in the dry dessert. Love is the emotional wellspring of our existence. We feel despair without love and prepared to give up almost everything for it. Ironically, we are often willing to trade our self-love for external love. And in the greatest story of all, like Titanic and Romeo & Juliet, giving up your own life for your beloved is a heroic love.  Remember the warm feeling of love which radiates from a newborn baby’s smile, it is magnetic and captivating to anyone. It expresses a total acceptance of self and others from an innocent state of mind. Pure love still exists in the deepest layer of our hearts and is accessible through a conscious connection between our physicality and souls beingness. The unfortunate truth is, we learn to reject our true self during the growing-up process. We focus on chasing perfection and opt for control and manipulation to mask our deepest insecurities. We neglect ourselves and abandon our desires as being unworthy, and we end up in an altered ego state of accepting love’s juxtaposed nature as pain and pleasure.

I believe we can have it in all if only we have a little more courage. Brave enough to dream, ask, follow-through, and feel worthy to receive it. For each one of us, we have encountered many opportunities to rewrite our story and to strive toward a greater version of ourselves, but the unfortunate truth is we choose to stay put. The reason? Because transformation requires us to face our fears by transforming ingrained beliefs, which are authenticated and validated as our truth. It’s a fundamental change to our existence, like demolishing our home without knowing if there is a new roof in sight. However, as Albert Einstein once said, ‘we cannot solve the problems with the same mind that created them. To transform, therefore, we must first deny our current identities and beliefs about who we are, regardless of our resistance.

 So, kudos for taking your first courageous step to follow your heart and soul calling to choose YOU, first and foremost over others. This book is your calling card to rekindle your soul once again. Through unlearning, uncovering, and unleashing your true self, you shall find the path to living life on your terms. And NOW is your tipping point, as your current life experience is no longer serving your best and highest interests. I am excited and looking forward to hearing about your growth journey and what awaits you on the other side.


You’ve got this! With love, light, and healing.



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