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Revamp your life experience

A life-changing session to upgrade your life and validate it using tarot.


We commonly regard Tarot as fortune-telling, this is a misconception. It’s actually the most powerful source of spiritual guidance. Consider tarot reading as your life navigation system, it’s showing you where your current life path is heading, and certain upcoming significant events that may challenge or enhance your life experiences.

It is a media communication to receive guidance from your higher self on your alternate life directions. When combined with energetic healing, tarot offers a powerful confirmation on the new future path which you just create. Because whenever you change your beliefs and heal your wounds, you are changing your future. After all, you are co-creating your life with the Universe. Give yourself the chance to experience a life that is better suited to your wish!


If you are…

– sick of facing the same life challenges

– facing an important life event and needing guidance to make a better-informed decision

– wanting to improve the quality of your life experience

– stuck in a rut and losing direction in life

then this is a session that is designed just for you!

By having a before and after tarot reading, not only you gain insight, but it also validates the new life path as a result of healing power. Transformation doesn’t have to be a long-winded and painful process, it can be simple yet impactful.


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US $199.91

Wealth Expansion

Heal your relationship with money by uncovering your wounded money story. 


Are you conscious of your relationship with money? Do you have a seemingly love-hate relationship with money? Are you aware of your wounded money story, which limits your level of wealth?

Money is a powerful energy and controls how we live our life. We so often define ourselves with our bank account balance. But money is not wealth, it is only one form of wealth. However, your relationship with money is also a reflection of the belief system. Our core being is the wealth generator, consider money as the fruit and you are the tree. The quality of fruits at harvesting time depends on the health level of the tree. 

In practical terms, if you have a self-belief of not being good enough, you will incline to over-deliver your service and undercharge your clients. Keep in mind, your money worries have nothing to do with your bank account balance, it has more to do with your level of worthiness. Hence, it is important to transcend your wealth consciousness, if you wish to increase your wealth’s level. As money is a POWERFUL ENERGY GENERATOR, it amplifies your inner feelings whether it be fear and doubt or joy and security. If you feel happy, having more money can boost your feelings of security and joy, increasing your capacity to welcome abundance. However, if you feel consumed with worry, money can increase feelings of fear and doubt leading you to feel trapped in your own dark thoughts. This state of mind BLOCKS you from manifesting your intentions because you are the producer of your wealth.


During this deep theta meditative session, you will be guided to uncover your wealth manifesting block. This wealth expansion session is guaranteed to break your bank account threshold. 

  • Remove the wealth manifesting blocks.
  • Increase your wealth threshold. 
  • Release your money worries and financial struggles. 

US $188.88

Uncover Your Life Path

Discover your GIFTS and LESSONS through the power of numbers.


Everything on this planet carries certain vibration, including numbers. Your date of birth has a lot of in-depth meaning that can reveal your life purposes, gifts, talents, struggles, and what you need to master in this life. It also explains how you show up in life and especially how you interact with others.

Understanding your number will help you create a better relationship with your life partner, parent your kids, and how to master your life journey. Numerology is so much more than predicting the future, it’s the bridge between who you are now and who you have the potential to be. This in-depth session guarantees to change your self-perspective, view of others, and the world.


An eye-opener session that helps you to understand why you act, express, or behave in a certain way. Our date of birth carries significant meaning and clues of our destiny. This insight is very valuable in overcoming your life and relationship challenges. There is never a coincidence in life and your soul signed up for this karmic contract. 

  • Discover your destined life purpose through your date of birth. 
  • Uncover your innate strengths and weakness to assist you in triumphing in the game of life. 
  •  Reveal the opportunities to improve the quality of your interpersonal relationship by knowing your personality. 
  • Learn your natural inner and outer personas and how this may impact your life experience.  

US $122.10

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