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I am passionate to change the world into a kinder and fairer place for everyone


Hi beautiful soul,

I believe there are no coincidences in this world; you are here today, reading this for a reason. Your soul is urging you to seek a more fulfilling and purposeful life. There is a growing eagerness to experience a different version of the life. The urge to pause on life and seek the answer to a probing question, ‘What am I here for?’ A strong calling to find a serene space where you can just be you, being loved and accepted just for who you are no matter what. No more begging for affection, attention, and love. There is no brokenness or imperfection, just freedom to express your whole psyche out to the world. And unleashing the free spirit lives in the limited human body so you can live life on your terms. Because all you’ve ever wanted was not more trophies. Just a warm hug, a shoulder to cry on, a gentle touch to soothe your pain. And soft whisper, ‘I am proud of you. You are more than enough. I love you no matter what.’

My passion for changing the world initiated the first Australian fashion show to include disabled models.

The Rebellious Beacon Of Light

Our heart knows there is an enhanced life path which is ready to be discovered. In the end, the only regret we all have on our dying bed is not taking the path we were destined for. Not one of us is born to be ordinary; we are all meant to be extraordinary. So, what is the extra that is required? It starts by taking the first step of the journey to transformation by saying, ‘I am ready and courageous to commit to doing whatever it takes to step up and be an extraordinary and awakened being.’ When your “WHY” is more significant than the “HOW,” the Universe will help to conspire and make it happen. 

How do I know this? Because not that long ago, I was where you are now. My soul called for a more fulfilling life than just pursuing a career and juggling between work and family. My heart refused to be trapped in the routine of the rat race, so I decided to show up fully by emerging into a conscious being awakened from a slumber! As an immediate result, life has become a wonderful new experience to me ever since. I took that step regardless of the negative influences I had allowed to plant seeds of self-doubt and create a self-imposed glass ceiling.

I grew up in Indonesia as Catholic, Chinese, female: the minority trifecta! From childhood, I was conditioned by physical and emotional abuse to not be good enough. At 18, I immigrated to Australia, where I developed a successful corporate career as an accountant, survived a toxic relationship, sexual harassment, near bankruptcy, and workplace bullying. And most importantly, I found my purpose in life. My life experience taught me the important lessons that are beneficial to embolden women for discovering their truths to live life on their own terms. I am also passionate about impacting the world; I manage charitable community events like Share The Love, Australia’s first fashion show that includes the disabled community. 

Our spiritual journey is like the lotus flower’s life cycle. The lotus flower is known as the most sacred plant in the world. The Buddhists recognize it as the most beautiful metaphor for our spiritual journey and path to enlightenment. In Ancient Egyptian art, the lotus is a symbol of fertility, a new beginning, and purity. The lotus flower is associated with beauty, prosperity, and fertility in Hinduism. So, what is the deeper meaning of this metaphor? They often call the lotus the flower of life as it symbolizes life, death, and rebirth. Lotus grows in a pond or river and must pass through the murky water to blossom. Its roots latch onto the mud and scum, yet it submerges every night into the water and re-blooms the next morning, sparkling clean with striking color. And, besides its daily resurrection, the lotus has strong willpower to survive. Its seed can withstand thousands of years without water and germinate over two centuries.

This is what Unbecoming You is about; a step-by-step process to ‘unbecome‘ from your childhood conditioning and societal programming so you can become exactly who you were born to be and live according to your true purpose. When we surpass the muddy waters, our spirit shall shine out. Each day, as the sun rises, life offers us another opportunity to resurrect and rise above our fears and the lies our egos tell us. And you can do this through unlearning your conditioning, uncovering your truths, and unleashing your true self. Our lives have become purposeful and fulfilling. It is my deepest wish that you shall live a life of abundant love, wealth, health, and spirituality. The most incredible experience in life is when you can have it all. Start believing it can happen, stay true to your heart, and it shall then happen. Life is that simple!

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