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7 Steps to turn any Dream into Reality

Do you want to know the exact steps my clients used to manifest $50k in less than three weeks, a new business, a new relationship, or a new baby after years of trying? You can use this step-by-step process to follow to realize any dream into reality without confusion and overwhelmingness.   

This framework is called Manifestary, and in this eBook, you shall find manifesting insights like:


  1. The manifesting disclaimers on p5, because knowing what not to do and to watch for. These essential insights shall improve your manifesting success rate because you can avoid costly mistakes. 
  2. Why you should use imagination, NOT visualization. There is a big difference, and this one change in your manifesting process will improve your results dramatically. This vital information is outlined on page 9.
  3. Understanding when to be inaction vs. taking inspired action is vital in the manifesting process, and I discussed this over the last 2 steps of manifesting. As you can appreciate, manifesting is a co-creating process with the Universe, you need to be in alignment with your partner; otherwise, you are unintentionally blocking it.  

Those are just some highlights from the ebook; there are heaps more. The majority of people consider manifesting only when they wish to receive bigger things. This is a misconception because each time you have a desire to be fulfilled, you are manifesting. This may even as simple as wanting a delicious piece of cake. By mastering this skill, you will upgrade your life. You are living from an intention-based instead of living as if everything accidental.

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