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Do you struggle with not being good enough, invisible, or hating yourself?

Brand New Book Reveals… 

  • How to stop living in fear of getting exposed as a fraud or failure, second guessing yourself, shoving down your voice, and hiding away from the world, so that you can fearlessly and unapologetically take your rightful place in the world with love and light of your full being and live a life that is true to you.
  • Find the confidence to receive love, be yourself, speak your truth, and allow yourself to be truly visible. When you show up this way, you attract new and balanced friendships and relationship that align with and support your highest mission in life alongside becoming the best version of yourself.
  • Discover the secret of attracting love and acceptance without having to work hard, including how to use this technique even if you’ve struggled with shame and guilt for not loving and valuing yourself first, validating your needs, or being wrong (thoughts, ideas, beliefs, words, ways of being and seeing the world… list of wrong is endless). Once you discover this approach, you’ll never again feel unsupported, sucked dry, or abandoned.
  • PLUS: find out what it REALLY means (and what to do) when you lost confidence in making the right decision, feeling low self worth, doubts your gifts and start to shrink and mould yourself to meet others’ expectations because perfectionism, comparison, and competition often takes the reins.
  • And much MUCH more … 

Real People Real Result, here is their journey:

If there was ever a perfect example of miracles and divine timing, meeting Yuliana was definitely it! I had just left a 4 year abusive relationship (accompanied with both physical/mental illness, disability, unemployment, and temporary homelessness). I felt like the biggest failure on the planet. Too ugly to love. Too sick to work. Too awkward, too poor, too stupid…. or so I thought.!

By chance I saw my mom watching videos one day, and I was curious what she was doing. She introduced me to Yuliana’s free 5 day course, and invited me to join the next one. What did I have to lose? Yuliana provided simple guided meditations and daily activities, inspirational messages, and group & one-on-one calls which all helped me clear away all the mental blocks and negative beliefs I picked up from years of allowing others to hurt me. Soon I awakened to spiritual gifts I didn’t even know I had! I even rediscovered my passion and gift for art that I had blocked for almost 15 years! At the end of the course I completely transformed from feeling like a lowly worm to a powerful manifesting empress!

The outcome? I am now planning a big move in a couple of weeks to start a new school and a new job – a course & position I wanted, and manifested! – and am launching a brand-new business project with a friend (which came to fruition because of the rebirth of my artistic abilities!) I no longer give away my power, or allow others to hurt me. I don’t apologize for who I am. I regularly tap into my intuition, receive messages through prayer, and use my art as both a creative outlet and a way to channel my energy into things I am guided to draw. I truly believe that without Yuliana’s guidance, I might have never had the confidence in myself to try again. I am so grateful that I found her, and now can’t imagine going back to my life before I knew her. Thank you Yuliana! You are an angel on Earth!

Suzu Krys

The moment after my first clarity call with Yuliana, I knew that she was the coach I needed in order to really impact-fully change my life. The experience was just surreal where not only we uncovered how blocked I was on my wealth mindset, I was also finally realizing that I needed to relearn how to love. In just one short hour, I KNEW that my throat chakra needed healing not because Yuliana told me so but because she was able to guide me into intuitively realizing that on my own.

I never had a coach before and also never thought I needed one. I also figured that with my ability to learn things fast and apply them, I could DIY my way through by getting my hands on as many self-help strategies and processes I could afford and therefore wouldn’t need to spend that kind of money on a coach. However, even after taking massive leap of faith and action by travelling to another country with just my two toddlers to figure things out, I still did not achieve the kind of change I was hoping for.

One call did not change anything, it just brought to the front all the most important aspects that I needed to work on and some were truly surprising and unexpected! Committing immediately was financially out of the question (or so I thought) so we started off with the 5 day boot camp challenge where I felt like I only resonated with one or two of the action challenges and did not think much of it since I did not feel impacted but at the end of 5 days where I had another clarity session on my own, I felt that massive shift that had subconsciously taken place! Where I once was only able to visualize money moving away from my reach whenever I tried to approach it, I now was not only seeing more of it but also able to reach and grab a handful! I also started attracting various freelance work that affirmed my ability to earn. Results were fast and surprising to be honest. Because I was vibe-ing at a whole different level, even my kids were more patient with me creating a better day. I think the best gift I got from all of this, was the fact that I was able to reconnect with my intuition and trust it because that was most important to me and I did not realize that before. She’s Amazing!

Zinette Zorzos

What can I say?! I AM a new person! I first met Yuliana thru her free 5 day manifesting course. At first I had some doubts, but, I figured; Ehhh! What the heck. It’s only 5 days & it’s free. What have I got to lose? Then, I’ll go on with my life. Little did I know, this lovely lady was gonna turn my life around & I was going to stick with her, for a very long time! Since being with Yuliana, not have I only manifested material things, but, most importantly, spiritual things.

She has made me laugh, cry, think & most especially, find myself. She has made me dig really deep within & bring out so many negative beliefs, that I didn’t know I had & were holding me back from doing so many positive things. I didn’t think I was worthy of anything. I didn’t think I was deserving of anything. I didn’t think I had hidden talents. I didn’t think I could. Yuliana has always been there for me whenever I needed her, for whatever reason. Now, thanks to her, I KNOW I am worthy. I KNOW I am deserving. I KNOW I am talented. I KNOW I CAN! I’m also happy to say that my daughter Krys joined Yuliana’s groups with me & has gone thru some transformations herself.

Krys & I have enjoyed doing her sessions together & sharing so much with each other. We have learned a bit more about each other than wd thought we knew & have grown closer than we’ve ever been. Thanks Yuliana, you are an amazing coach.

Millie Rodriguez

I have always wanted a coach that can help me in leading me to change my mindset and living in a better life. There are too many reasons blocking me and one of the main reason would be money issue. Hiring a coach would be too costly for me because of the currency so i always ended up doing it on my own and hoping i can do it myself which i was wrong.

I was following Yuliana’s money challenge the other day and after that challenge i managed to chat with her. She was right, i can do it on my own, but i will never know what’s my problem and what’s actually holding me back for me to success in life. So, without thinking of money issue, i signed up myself with Yuliana to be my coach. Over the past two weeks, I have changed the way i think. I managed to control my emotions and let myself to stay out of worry and feeling so great everyday. I have even hit my breakthrough which i can ever do that if its not because of Yuliana.

I am so grateful of having Yuliana to be my coach. A good coach can actually change my daily life to make me feel top of the world. My life is changing and i know the best will always come to me because i deserve it!!


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