5 Ways To Master The Virtue of An Empath - Yuliana Francie

An empath is a highly intuitive person blessed with an adept ability to read people and situations beyond the surface level. An empath is also a natural-born giver that has a heart for everyone and an interest in the human psyche which makes a great healer, counselor, or therapist.
However, at times being an empath can feel like a blessing in disguise and unless you master the skill of managing your own energy and relationship with self and others, it may feel like a curse. As highly sensitive and highly attuned to other’s emotions, an empath may also suffer from a panic attack, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, food, sex, drug addictions, and many other physical symptoms.

Here are 5 ways to master the virtue of an empath:

1. Learn to disconnect to other’s energy and emotion
As an empath, you are spiritually open and have a heart for everyone which consequentially creates an energetic cord between your heart chakra to others. This energetic chord will, in turn, make you take on other’s feelings and emotions as your own and can be overwhelming. A regular practice such as cutting chords, a visualization based on cutting any invisible cords attached to your heart chakra will help you to disconnect from others. The other way is to visualize that you are in a bubble of light that shields you from others, this is an effective method, especially when you are in a crowd or situation that you may feel uncomfortable with. 

2. Clear any toxic energy from your energy field on a regular basis
Being naturally sensitive and attuned to others’ emotions, positive or negative, you easily absorb toxic energy into your body. This will drain your energy and your own emotions or feelings may feel out of control. To clear this toxic energy, every night just before you fall asleep, visualize that you are rinsing your body with white light and send out any excess energy back to Mother Earth.

3. Set your boundaries and be assertive of it

All empaths are gifted with an intuitive sense to deeply understand and read people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions, even when they are having a hard time expressing them. You can also see the potential and often choose to see the good in others which makes you highly susceptible to being taken advantage of or abused by others. To prevent and overcome this, you need to be clear of your boundaries and be assertive when others are trying to cross them. There is no hard and fast rule on how to set boundary however whenever you start to feel that you are putting your own need as secondary or losing yourself to others, it’s time to reset and reemphasize your boundaries to others. 

4. Take time to be with yourself to recharge
A great listener with calming energy is one of your superpowers which will attract people that seek out advice or just wanting to feel more at peace in an empath’s presence. In fact, most people inadvertently will gravitate towards their most empathic friends during their darkest times.
Further, empaths will feel more challenge in a love relationship as they can sense every mood change, irritations, or even lie from their partner. And positive emotions can also feel overwhelming at times. A shared environment may feel like an intrusion as their partner’s energy influences their “sanctuary” space.

Conscious energy management like taking time out to be alone or be in nature will be greatly beneficial for your own longevity. You may also want to consider having your own private space if you live with your loved ones. A daily dose of self-love and self-care practice will also provide tremendous benefits.

5. Stop over giving and allow yourself to receive from others instead
Empaths play such a valuable role in the kaleidoscope of the human race because of their high level of awareness and willingness to help others that are in need. This will make you a great giver with a tendency of putting others’ needs as a priority to your own. Undoubtedly, most empaths have a pattern of behavior of over-giving. If this behavior remains unaddressed, you will start to resent others and feeling burnout from giving too much of your time and energy to others.
Raising your awareness of this pattern is the first step to break this pattern. Next, take time to connect with your body, mind, and spirit every day and recognize your own needs. Then prioritize your own needs over others and allow yourself to receive help from others when required.

In summary, as an empath and a healer, I believe that the journey to be an empowered empath and great healer is starting with healing myself. That is, I must learn to see my own shadows, my darkest part that offers great insight into my own self-sabotage patterns and limiting self-beliefs. This also includes a rebirth process that helps me to learn how to be my own authentic self and show up as a fully embody being which in turn creates a ripple effect to light up the world.

I also believe that only when I am empowered, I can help to transform and empower others. An empowered empath learns to stop apologizing for their desires and anticipate their own emotions in riding the wave of life. Always keep in mind that the journey to mastery is by regular practice. So never give up on trying to master your virtue as an empath.

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