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My Offerings:

One to One Session

Do you ever tell yourself, ‘This is not how life should be’! When you spent most of your life trying to fit in, please everybody, or adhere to rules and norms, you never give yourself a chance to meet the raw version of yourself. Life consists mostly of what everyone else wants or needs, and you are too busy chasing perfection by molding yourself into the society’s idealized model. Consequently, you do not know what you truly want out of life. Each day feels mundane with work, family, and life commitments. You feel unfitting and apathetic for the life which you are leading. All those accomplishments which you’ve thought will bring happiness, pride, and love are no longer meaningful to you. If you are ready to transform your life around, then I invite you to find out more by clicking the button below.


Unbecoming You (book)

21 Day Journey to living life on your own terms. This soon to be published book teaches you how to live the life you know you deserve through a daily self-exploration process personally designed to:

  • Inspire and guide you to put an end to your interpersonal relationship issues, self-destructive routines, and victimhood patterns
  • Unmask your true self by disassociating from shame, guilt, and unworthiness
  • Embolden yourself to realize your deepest desires through self-love
  • Reflect on life’s lessons to find the clues to your life’s purpose and become the person you were born to be.

Personalized Guidance

What am I here for? Who am I here for?

When life gets hard, we begin to ask ourselves these questions. Because those life struggles and challenges left us feeling like living a meaningless life. Some people even took their own life during those hard times, as they felt hopeless in finding the light at the end of tunnel. As a rebellious light, I embolden women to own their worth and power to create a life based on their own terms in the vessel of divinity. If you are currently experience this, I would like to invite you to book for a complimentary clarity session with me. Over 30 minutes session, I will guide you to see your future blind spot and glass ceilings.   

What others say about me

Yuliana is AMAZING!! She knew what I needed before I did. I would recommend doing this for yourself! I will definitely keep in touch with her and schedule follow up sessions!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Monica Lawrence

My reading with Yuliana was much more than I expected. She was very intricate and insightful with my number chat / life purpose and their meanings. She also sensed some deeper pain and delved into that and provided inner healing. She was amazing and I am very pleased with the reading I received. I plan on doing more work with her in near future.

Regina Howard

I just had a “clarity” session with Yuliana and it opened up so many possibilities for me. Things were uncovered that I didn’t even know existed and it has left me feeling like there is so much to work with. This session was a real gift and I am so grateful. Thank you.

Inco Gnito

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